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Daytona Beach Lie Detector Tests, Voice Stress Analysis, Volusia County, Flagler County

Former Federal Law Enforcement

VIPRE VSA Certified Examiner 


Rick Raymond, P.I. is a Certified VIPRE VSA Examiner. He has served in Federal & Municipal Law Enforcement and Private Investigations for over thirty years. Rick has conducted complex, advanced investigations for insurance companies, corporations, attorneys, and the general public. His experience includes VSA Examinations, expert surveillance, marital infidelity cases, international investigations, missing persons, homicide investigations, child custody investigations, international shipping theft, civil & criminal investigations...


Rick Raymond Investigations utilizes the VIPRE VSA which is a Law Enforcement grade Voice Stress Analyzer instrument. Developed by VIPRE Technology Group LLC, The VIPRE VSA is utilized by thousands of Law Enforcement agencies throughout the United States and overseas as an alternative to the polygraph. Unlike the polygraph, the Voice Stress Analyzer has only two possible conclusions, Deceptive or Non-Deceptive, and does not have the "inconclusive" exam result like a polygraph test.

  • Civil - Criminal Cases

  • Workers' Comp / Disability Fraud

  • Sexual Assault Allegations

  • Domestic Violence Allegations

  • Addiction Problems / Drug Use

  • Proof of Innocence - Criminal Defense

  • Sporting Contests / Cash Winnings

  • Pre-Employment Screening for Police & Government Agencies

  • Did you FAIL a Polygraph? - Get a second opinion with a computer Voice Stress Analysis exam.

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